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The Rise of the Mod Shop

WOW!! - Blast from the past. Just ran into a 78 slide, 2-hour, PowerPoint presentation that Fred D. of SDMODS and David R. of CGC Repairs gave at an Information Security Team ...

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GB/GBC/GBA Cart Read/Write

We now have a GB/GBC/GBA cartridge reader and writer. This will allow us to backup and restore your game saves during battery replacement services as well as write roms to new boards during the r...

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Welcome Back!

Hi Valued Customers, We are back in action and again taking in orders, services and trade-ins. Thanks, CGC Repairs Team

Closed 7/6 - 7/17

Hi All, The shop is closed between these dates. Please utilize our contact form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Discounts For Social Media Followers

Follow us and save up to 50% off on all services. Restrictions Apply. Stack the savings by following us on multiple platforms.Instagram - 10%TikTok - 10%FaceBook - 10%YouTube - 20%How to Redeem:At tim...

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Pokémon Snakewood (Etsy Review)

We seen it and we just had to have it... for science!  ...................And collector purposes. :) First things first. This is a ROM hack and it not an official product by any means. Second thi...

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XBOX CPU/GPU Maintenance Interval

Did you know that you should replace your XBOX's CPU and GPU thermal paste every few years? YEP! That's right!. Per Intel, the manufacture for the XBOX CPU, you should be replacing the thermal pa...

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MakeMHz Stellar w/XboxHD+

Ready to follow along with us as we install this new and exciting piece of hardware? 

XBOX 360 Slim LED Swap

XBOX 360 Slim LED Swap