Pokémon Snakewood (Etsy Review)

We seen it and we just had to have it... for science! 

...................And collector purposes. :)

First things first. This is a ROM hack and it not an official product by any means. Second things second. CGC Repairs is not affiliated with the Etsy seller in any way shape or form, nor is this a paid review.

Overall, the quality of the product is nice and professional looking. The PCB and cartridge enclosure looks and feels like it is a legitimate game. The sticker is on-par with what we have seen in the industry with Pokémon clones. The game play within the first 15mins was a good laugh and enjoyable game play.

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Storage Case Included

The cartridge came with a generic clamshell case.

Front / Label Side

The label and cartridge seem to be pretty good quality. Has the original Gameboy Advance logo stamp.

Back Side

The back is what you would expect and had a tri-wing screw. Has the original Nintendo logo stamp.

PCB Front

The PCB front is clean and in excellent condition. Appears to be a legitimate PCB, just overwritten with the ROM.

PCB Back

The PCB back is clean and in excellent condition.

Screen Play

Pic of Professor Oak with a deceased Bulbasaur.