XBOX CPU/GPU Maintenance Interval

Did you know that you should replace your XBOX's CPU and GPU thermal paste every few years? YEP! That's right!.

Per Intel, the manufacture for the XBOX CPU, you should be replacing the thermal paste, also known as thermal compound, every few years. Many sources agree tend to agree and recommend replacement every 4-5 years. Although this is relatively an easy procedure for computers. XBOX maintenance is a little more complicated. Many have never replaced the thermal paste on their consoles and as of this writing it is 22 years old. Considering this information that's over 4X the the rate of replacement.

Why does this thermal paste need to be replaced? Over time the paste becomes dried out due to the high operating temperatures and no longer transfers heat from the CPU or GPU to the heatsink resulting in overheating of the CPU or GPU and ultimately leading to damage of the components resulting in costly repairs.

Breaking out the old XBOX for a bit of nostalgia? before you power it up give us a call. Lets get that paste cleaned up.