PlayStation Portable (PSP)

PSP Error Codes

Normal Errors: The first 4 numbers gives information about the place of the error: 8002XXXX = Kernel 8001XXXX = The…

Normal Errors:

The first 4 numbers gives information about the place of the error: 8002XXXX = Kernel 8001XXXX = The standard libc 00000001 Internal Error 1. Reset your settings to default 2. Theres no WiFi point found 80020148 The game could not be started If you're under an Official Firmware you can't run homebrew, downgrade/upgrade to an Custom Firmware. 8002013C Error in the flash memory of the PSP. Try to restore your flash0-backup or re-install the Custom Firmware. 80020321 The game could not be started Check if you configured kernel or UMD/ISO mode right. 8008273A Internal Error Reset your settings to default 80108D50 PSP Camera not connected 80410A0B Hardware Error WiFi is damaged.

ID Storage Errors:

DRNFFFFFFD8 = key 0x4 missing DRNFFFFFFD7 = key 0x4 header is not "n y r B" (in hex: 6E 79 72 42)

DRNFFFFFFCE = key 0x5 missing DRNFFFFFFCD = key 0x5 header is not "g k l C" (in hex: 67 6B 6C 43)

DRNFFFFFFC4 = key 0x6 missing DRNFFFFFFC3 = key 0x6 header is not "r d D M" (in hex: 72 64 44 4D)

Errors with TA-086 PSP motherboards:

DRNFFFFFFB9 = key 0x7 header is not "D a P A" (in hex: 44 61 50 41)

DRNFFFFFFB0 = key 0x8 missing DRNFFFFFFAF = key 0x8 header is not "p D C L" (in hex: 70 44 43 4C)

You can repair this with IdStorage Manager.

For key 08 errors make a new key 08 by adding this line: "70 44 43 4C 01 00 00 00 0C 00 00 00 76 FC 19 C8 0A 00 19 00 10 00 0D 00 07 00 02" and than 00 untill the end.

CTA80000025 = region key (0x0100) is damaged or missing (You only can repair this with your OWN backup).

Error List:

Error Code Description
UKN9000001 The update cannot be started. The data is corrupted.
80110305 Load failed.The Memory Stick™ could not be acessed.
80010013 device / media not found 
8001B002 unknown 
80020001 or 800244C kernel errors 
80020001 generic kernel error (default) 
800200D9 failed to allocate the memory block 
80020130 file read error 
80020148 PRX type unsupported 
80110482 occurs when test of WLAN infrastructure connection fails 
FFFFFED3 unknown (might be decryption error) 
80410001 or 80410D16 network errors 
80410D07 unknown (possibly WLAN) 
ffffffff PSP update failed 
80410A0B Internal Error 
8041040F DNS Error, unable to connect to server 
80410410 Cannot connect to the given acess point 
80010087 The game could not be started 
0x0 no error 
0x80020001 error 
0x80020002 not implemented 
0x80020032 illegal exception code 
0x80020033 exception handler not use 
0x80020034 exception handler already used 
0x80020035 system call table notuse 
0x80020036 system call table already used 
0x80020037 illegal system call table 
0x80020038 illegal Primary Syscall number 
0x80020039 Primary Syscall number already use 
0x80020064 call from interrupt handler/thread 
0x80020065 illegal INTRCODE 
0x80020066 CPU already interrupt disable 
0x80020067 Handler already exist 
0x80020068 Handler not found 
0x80020069 illegal interrupt level 
0x8002006a illegal address 
0x8002006b illegal IntrHandler Option Paramsize 
0x8002006c illegal stackad dress 
0x8002006d alreadystackad dressset 
0x80020096 not found free Hard Timer 
0x80020097 illegal timer ID 
0x80020098 illegal source 
0x80020099 illegal prescale 
0x8002009a Hard Timer in use 
0x8002009b Hard Timer not setup 
0x8002009c Hard Timer not in use 
0x800200a0 unit number already used 
0x800200a1 unit number notused 
0x800200a2 rom directory notfound 
0x800200c8 id type already exist 
0x800200c9 id type not exist 
0x800200ca {not available} 
0x800200cb unknown UID 
0x800200cc unmatch UID type 
0x800200cd id not exist 
0x800200ce not found UID function 
0x800200cf UID already holder 
x800200d0 UID not holer 
0x800200d1 illegal permission 
0x800200d2 illegal argument 
0x800200d3 illegal adress 
0x800200d4 the memory area is out ofrange 
0x800200d5 the memory areais over lap 
0x800200d6 illegal partitionid 
0x800200d7 partition in use 
0x800200d8 illegal memory block allocation type 
0x800200d9 failed toal loca the memory block 
0x800200da inhibitedtores izethismemoryblock 
0x800200db failedtoresize thismemoryblock 
0x800200dc failedtoalloca teheapblock 
0x800200dd failedtoalloca teheap 
0x800200de illegalchunkid 
0x800200df cannotfindchun kname 
0x800200e0 thereisnofreec hunk 
0x8002012c modulelinkerro r 
0x8002012d illegalobjectf ormat(notPRX/PFX) 
0x8002012e notfoundModule 
0x8002012f notfoundModule file 
0x80020130 Modulefileread error 
0x80020131 memoryinuse 
0x80020132 partitionmisma tch 
0x80020133 modulealreadys tarted 
0x80020134 modulenotstart edyet 
0x80020135 modulealreadys topped 
0x80020136 modulecannotst op 
0x80020137 modulenotstopp edyet 
0x80020138 modulecannotre move 
0x80020139 exclusiveload 
0x8002013a Libraryisnotli nkedyet 
0x8002013b Libraryalready exists 
0x8002013c Librarynotfoun d 
0x8002013d illegalLibrary header 
0x8002013e Libraryisusedn ow 
0x8002013f modulealreadys topping 
0x80020140 illegaloffsetv alue 
0x80020141 illegalpositio ncode 
0x80020142 illegalaccessc ode 
0x80020143 modulemanagerb usy 
0x80020144 illegalflag 
0x80020145 cannotgetmodul elist 
0x80020146 prohibitLoadMo duledevice 
0x80020147 prohibitLoadEx ecdevice 
0x80020148 unsupportedPRX type 
0x80020149 illegalpermiss ioncall 
0x8002014a cannotgetmodul einformation 
0x8002014b illegalLoadExe cbuffer 
0x8002014c illegalLoadExe cfilename 
0x8002014d Thereisnoexitc allback 
0x80020190 nomemory 
0x80020191 illegalattrpar ameter 
0x80020192 illegalthreade ntryaddress 
0x80020193 illegalpriorit yvalue 
0x80020194 illegalstacksi ze 
0x80020195 illegalmode 
0x80020196 illegalmask 
0x80020197 illegalthreadI D 
0x80020198 notfoundthread 
0x80020199 notfoundsemaph ore 
0x8002019a notfoundeventf lag 
0x8002019b notfoundmessag ebox 
0x8002019c notfoundVpool 
0x8002019d notfoundFpool 
0x8002019e notfoundmessag epipe 
0x8002019f notfoundalarm 
0x800201a0 notfoundthread eventhandler 
0x800201a1 notfoundcallba ck 
0x800201a2 threadalreadyD ORMANT 
0x800201a3 threadalreadyS USPEND 
0x800201a4 threadisnotDOR MANT 
0x800201a5 threadisnotSUS PEND 
0x800201a6 threadisnotWAI T 
0x800201a7 nowdispatchdis abled 
0x800201a8 WAITtimeout 
0x800201a9 WAITcanceled 
0x800201aa WAITstatusrele ased 
N0x800201ab WAITstatusrel easedwithcallback 
0x800201ac threadistermin ated 
0x800201ad semaphorecount erzero 
0x800201ae semaphorecount eroverflow 
0x800201af eventflagcondi tionnotoccur 
0x800201b0 thiseventflagc annotacceptwaitswithmulti plethreads 
0x800201b1 illegaleventfl agwaitpattern 
0x800201b2 messageboxhave nomessage 
0x800201b3 messagepipeisf ull 
0x800201b4 messagepipeise mpty 
0x800201b5 waitobjectdele ted 
0x800201b6 illegalmemoryb lock 
0x800201b7 illegalmemorys ize 
0x800201b8 illegalscratch padaddress 
0x800201b9 scratchpadinus e 
0x800201ba scratchpadnoti nuse 
0x800201bb illegaltype 
0x800201bc illegalsize 
0x800201bd illegalcount 
0x800201be notfoundvtimer 
0x800201bf illegalvtimerI D 
0x800201c0 illegalKTLSID 
0x800201c1 KTLSisfull 
0x800201c2 KTLSisbusy 
0x80020258 invalidsuchpri ority 
0x80020259 devicenameisin valid 
0x8002025a devicenameisun known 
0x8002025b pminformationi sregisteredalready 
0x8002025c pminformationi snotregistered 
0x8002025d majorstateisin validvalue 
0x8002025e requestisinval id 
0x8002025f requestisunkno wn 
0x80020260 unitnumberisin valid 
0x80020261 cannotcancelre quest 
0x80020262 pminformationi sinvalid 
0x80020263 argumentisinva lid 
0x80020264 alreadytargete powerstate 
0x80020265 failedtochange systempowerstate 
0x80020266 cannotchangede vicepowerstate 
0x80020267 devicedoesnots upportsuchpowerstate 
0x800202bc requesttotheDM ACfailed 
0x800202bd DMAoperationis lessorequalone 
0x800202be theoperationis alreadyqueued 
0x800202bf theoperationis alreadyfinishedornotqueue ud 
0x800202c0 theoperationis alreadyintransferprogress 
0x800202c1 theoperationis notassignedyet 
0x800202c2 thesyncoperati ontimedout 
0x800202c3 dmaoperationst ructisalreadyfreed 
0x800202c4 dmaoperationis used 
0x800202c5 dmaoperationis empty 
0x800202c6 DMAoperationis aborted 
0x800202c7 DMAoperationis error 
0x800202c8 physicalDMAcha nnelisalreadyreserved 
0x800202c9 physicalDMAcha nnelisnotmanagedbydmacman ager 
0x800202ca thereisaprivil egeaddressinlinklist 
0x800202cb linklistbuffer isnotenough 
0x800202cc theoperationis notassignedtophysicalDMAc hannel 
0x800202cd theoperationis childoperation 
0x800202ce itistoomuchtha ntransferabledatasize 
0x800202cf argumentisinva lid 
0x80020320 Toomanyopenfil es 
0x80020321 Nosuchdevice 
0x80020322 Cross-devicelink 
0x80020323 Badfiledescrip tor 
0x80020324 Invalidargumen t 
0x80020325 Unsupportedope ration 
0x80020326 Aliasisalready used 
0x80020327 Cannotmount 
0x80020328 Driverdeleted 
0x80020329 Asyncoperation isbusy 
0x8002032a Noasyncoperati on 
0x8002032b Deviceisalread yregistered 
0x8002032c Nocurrentworki ngdirectory 
0x8002032d Filenametoolon g 
0x800203e8 DECI3Nosuchdev iceoraddress 
0x800203e9 DECI3I/Oerror 
0x800203ea DECI3Notenough core 
0x800203eb STDIOnotopened 
0x8002044c Parameterisnot cachealigned 
0x8002044d Endofkernelerrorcode.Neverusethisname