When shipping to us:

  • For your protection as well as ours. All shipments to us must be sent to our P.O. Box Address.
  • Ship only what we have authorized and are expecting.
    • Generally, we do not need power cables, video cables or controllers. We will let you know if we need them.
  • Always include Tracking on your shipment.


When shipping to you:

  • Items shipped to us will only be shipped in return to the sender's address.
  • Items purchased will only be shipped to the purchaser's address.
  • Signature upon delivery may be required.
  • Shipping Tracking will be included.


 - The USPS Box Office will never deliver shipments to our location. We must pick up all shipments from our USPS PO Box.

- The USPS staff may sign for any deliveries that require a signature. In this case, we will sign upon receiving the delivery from the USPS.

- CGC Repairs is NOT and will NOT be held responsible for any lost or damaged items, packages, etc that occurred during the shipping process. We highly recommend you protect yourself, your property and your investments by including enough shipping insurance to cover the total value of your package's contents.